How to unblock YouTube using proxy

Having troubles accessing YouTube? Let the proxy websites serve you!

YouTube has become a very essential part of our lives. Whether it is to kill time, to get a hold of music videos or for learning purpose for students, it is indeed a very significant website life without which seems void! So what if you’re suddenly deprived of the access of YouTube? You are sure to feel lost and that something very close to you has been confiscated. Of course this has happened to many when because of misdeed of certain people or their actions; websites like YouTube and other social networking websites are blocked by the administrator of the country. The good news is that there is always a way out of such complex and saddened situations and that too in a very non-technical way!

The best possible way to unblock YouTube is with the use of proxy websites. Whether your country is dealing with some technical aid, political issues, or you have moved from a different location and are depressed with the YouTube being blocked (which has remotely happened back in your hometown), you need to get to it somehow. So how does these proxy websites really work for you? Easy! All you have to do is start up your browser and input ‘proxy websites’ in the search bar, hit enter. It will return with endless results of proxy websites to choose from. Pick whichever you like, it really doesn’t make any difference though as long as you are very specific about the features some of them contain. When you have chosen your choice of proxy, simply type in the URL of YouTube and viola! The proxy has in restore what you really needed.

Why use proxy for YouTube? Firstly, this is the easiest method of doing so. It rates low when it comes to the understanding and complexity of it. Everybody gets the hang of it in no time. Secondly, there is no hassle of downloading any content or some kind of software on your computer. Simply visit a proxy website and your destination website, YouTube, from there. You cannot keep on downloading software applications or Virtual Private Networks from anywhere you log in. That is too much frustrating and besides, sometimes such downloaded content causes your system to slow down its progress. Thirdly, most of them are available to you free of cost. And lastly, there is a while list of features to choose from which includes encryption of communication sent between you and the proxy and cookie

management. Usually when you visit a web page via proxy website, it is loaded with advertisements that sometimes become too unbearable. There is a feature that helps manage all these issues for you.

Since proxy websites carry the feature of anonymity, it only adds to the many benefits of using it over other methods of accessing YouTube. A proxy website, acting as a middleman, sends the messages by hiding the IP address of your computer and replacing it with its own address. This helps you to stay out of the picture as ‘You’ for nobody can track you. All that would appear to the web pages will be the proxy’s address. That takes care of your privacy and unblocking YouTube, thereby killing two birds with one stone!

The only issue that relates to the proxy website is that not every time and not all the proxies may work for you on every system. If you are using a system at your workplace where YouTube is blocked, there is usually a tracking record of all the websites their employees visit. Also, there might be proxies that your company may have added in their block list so you will have to dig in deeper. While some companies may not bother to have such strict measures, there are many out there who have dealt with related issues several times and are aware of how to handle them. You are to decide that in which category does your company or school lie; the former or the latter? Whichever the case may be, make sure you have a very good excuse to get away with in case you are caught. Good luck though!

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